Keep shining with our own technology

We take on the challenge of meeting new needs through aggressive technological development focused on advanced technology and thorough cost performance. We also strive to contribute to society together with our customers by providing products of consistently high quality.
This is our style at Ogawa Industry.
In the midst of rapidly changing market trends, we are committed to "(1) Shine brightly! (2) Achieve what only small and medium-sized enterprises can do! (3) Enhance the value of life! We have grown together with our customers by developing new construction methods, improving quality, and improving our production activities, all in unison, in advance of the needs of the times. We will continue to strive for further development as a "company that shines with brilliance" by striving for technological development capabilities and human resource development, which are our management resources, to respond to the rapidly expanding globalization of manufacturing, and at the same time, to refine our domestic manufacturing activities.

Kiyoshi Ogawa