Always seeking to ensure quality
assurance required by customers

We have introduced the latest measuring instruments, including 3D measuring machines, 3D image inspection equipment, and digital microscopes to ensure a high level of quality throughout the entire process from launching to mass production. In addition to ISO certification, we are working to acquire IATF 16949 certification in order to establish a global quality assurance system.

Cultivating human resources who can brovide wisdom to solve problems

We are developing human resources based on the five-gen principle of "genba (actual place)," "genbutsu (actual thing)," "genjitsu (actual condition)," "genri(principles)," and "gensoku (fundamental rules)," and the ability to analyze issues and solve problems. To raise quality awareness throughout the company, we also encourage our employees to acquire qualifications such as the QC KENTEI certification and the Certified Skilled Worker of Metal Heat Treatment.

Ogawa Industry has received numerous evaluations
for improvement and quality

  • Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment
    Japan Quality Recognition Award
    (Recognition of TQM Achievement)

  • Various awards from customers