We bring your requests to life
with our unique ideas and technical capabilities

At Ogawa Industry, we share and fuse the "experience of skilled workers" and the "ideas of the young," which are difficult to understand each other, by visualizing them through mold design using 3D CAD/CAE and molding and mold stress analysis.
We cater to a wide variety of needs from all aspects with our unique ideas that make sense and our technical capabilities that integrate mold design, mold fabrication, and product processing.

—Machining process — Ogawa Industry is able to propose the optimal construction method

In addition to the combined processing of part formers and stamping presses, which is one of our strengths,
we also utilize the wide range of manufacturing experience we have cultivated since our founding through a corporate culture that is not bound by departmental boundaries to realize process designs that "only Ogawa Industries can do" and contribute to high quality, low cost, and short delivery times.

—Production and engineering— Faithful to drawings, higher precision

By utilizing our extensive database of machining experience and CAE analysis, we identify problems in advance to ensure a smooth start-up. The molds designed in this way are manufactured precisely and faithfully to the drawings, using know-how gained through close technical exchanges with the customer,
group companies, and cooperating manufacturers, as well as skilled machining and assembly techniques.
The products produced from these dies maintain and improve their high precision and quality while ensuring stable production.